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Liberals are known for their propensity to never let a good tragedy go to waste in order to help push their agendas on the American people and Hurrican Irma and Harvey are prime examples. Climate change proponents were quick to point out that these hurricanes are the direct result of man made carbon dioxide without any proof whatsoever. Despite these Hurricanes being the first two major storms to make landfall in the United States in the last 12 years, liberal lunatics were quick to get to work blaming climate change.

This is all well expected as time and time again when there is a storm somewhere in the world liberals who have their agenda to push cry that climate change is to blame.

What was not expected is that liberal climate change proponents are now demanding that anyone who voices their opinion that man made climate change is not real be thrown in jail.

“Climate change denial should be a crime,” said a recent headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard says in his article Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us" that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”

“In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable,” wrote Brian Merchant in the subhead of the Outline article.

Brad Johnson who is the executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, took to Twitter to list “climate disaster response rules,” which demands that we “put officials who reject science in jail.”

Not only is this a clear violation of the 1st amendment but it is another case where liberals are willing to violate basic constitutional rights in the name of their agenda. Before we know it Antifa thugs will be set loose to beat up anyone who even considers that man made climate change is a false narrative that has been gaining steam since Al Gore invented the internet. Well, at least since he made a movie claiming to have all the scientific facts, many of which have been since debunked.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano says this increase in aggression is due to the publics increasing rejection of the liberal climate agenda.

“Activists have been frustrated with record number of polar bears, no acceleration of sea level, the Pause, no trends or declining trends in extreme weather and the public’s apathy,” said Mr. Morano.

“Trump has added to all of that, and we are now seeing them blow their gaskets in frustration,” he added.

A retired Georgia Tech professor Judith Curry posted on her site Climate Etc. compelling evidence that Irma had nothing to do with climate change. If the climate change Gestapo gets their way her blog post would have her tossed in jail. Welcome to America folks.


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