This story is circling the internet and picking up steam. It is about a black Rhodes Scholar and a young white waitress. Scholar, Qwabe and an equally racist friend, visited the Obz Café in Western Cape for a meal.

They were taken care of by Ashleigh Schultz. When it was time to the pay the bill, the men did, but it is what happened next that had Qwabe, “unable to stop smiling because something so black and wonderful had happened.” That, according to his social media post.

In place of a tip he left a note that said when they, meaning white people, “return the land,” she will get a tip.

Oh my! Well that is funny isn’t it? Who knew that is what it means to be so wonderfully black—to stiff others, take advantage or others, and treat others like dirt.

Oh wait. We are talking Africa where they continue to sell each other into slavery.

Ashleigh Schultz works her shift at Obz Café, on top of other jobs, to provide cancer treatment for her mother. After Qwabe’s delightful post, defenders rallied to Schultz’s side, to no avail.

Qwabe would have none of it. South Africans of all colors rose up and spoke out on behalf of Schultz and in the end managed for $5,000 to go toward her mother’s cancer treatments.

Nobody should be surprised by Qwabe’s actions. He is the product of black privilege, much like BLM-ers her.

The difference with him is he is the recipient of an education paid for by a dead white-guy and he is clearly too stupid to see the irony in his stance.

Source: Mad World News

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