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Recently, in Gun Barrel City, Texas, 18-year old Alesha Palmer was waiting tables at the local Vetoni’s Italian Restaurant. The venue is the young lady’s after school job, and she is putting the money away to go to college.

She is still in high school, and even with all the commitments of homework that come along with that task, she works about 30 hours a week. Let’s just say she is a busy girl, and frankly she is working a heck of a lot harder than many able-bodied folks on the dole.


While waiting on two tables, one with single man, and the other with couple, she got to talking to the pair about her goals and what it is she is doing with the money she earns.

Some time passed and the male customer left his table, and went to speak with her boss before exiting the building. Alesha, concerned that she had done something wrong, approached her boss only to learn the man had overheard her conversation.

So impressed was he with her drive that he left her a generous tip. To the tune of $1,000.00!alesha3

Ms. Palmer was overwhelmed. She plans to hang onto that receipt to remind her of the generosity of that man and look to it whenever things get a little rough, to remind herself of the blessing.

She would like to thank the man, but something tells us he would prefer to just remain anonymous and know that what he did helped this gal achieve her dream.

Source: Mad World News




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