What can we say about the New England Patriots and the Trump/Pence administration?

Just when it appears all is lost in the first half of Superbowl LI, wait until the second half. That's when the real Patriots comeback miracles start to happen.

The same could be said about presidential candidate Donald Trump and his running mate.

Out of nowhere the Republican maverick and star of The Apprentice entered the political fray. Many people mocked the Trump campaign as an "ego-trip." Others viewed it as a nuisance run at best, with no chance of winning.

The shamestream media continually declared Trump a dead candidate walking. But Trump refused to give up and kept on fighting, defying the odds and moving on to victory in the polls.

Vice President Mike Pence has shown a similar political fortitude that includes gratitude toward those who supported the Trump/Pence ticket.

Pence carried that quality of gratitude a big step further by hosting two wounded U.S. soldiers at Superbowl Sunday.

Sgt. Anthony Mannino Jr. and Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning (no relation to Kurt, Ely, or Chelsea) were both flown to Houston aboard Air Force 2. Pence said it was a "small token of the gratitude of the people of the country."

Now, contrast Pence's behavior with that of the ungracious, ungrateful disdain for America's armed forces shown by former president Barack Obama.

According to thegatewaypundit.com, "problems within the VA continue unabated. An internal VA audit has found that the secret wait lists occurred not only in Phoenix but at 110 VA facilities. VA officials still haven’t corrected a computer system error that led to tens of thousands of combat vets being denied VA health care enrollment, although the problem was brought to light in August.

"Donald Trump on the other hand skipped a debate during the primary season and raised $6 million for veterans instead. Of course the media, rather than praising him for his efforts, twisted the entire issue. Trump called one of these media ‘sleezy guys’ out for his shameful attacks during a Trump press conference."

While Obama used the military as cannon fodder, Trump and Pence respect and honor veterans for their duty and sacrifice. The difference between these two presidents couldn't be more clear.

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