With rumors of a presidential candidacy still buzzing Vice President Joe Biden took to the stage last week at a Human Rights Campaign dinner and fundraiser to give his opinion that transgendered Americans should be able to serve in the U.S. military, no questions asked.

Biden, who is being counted by many Democrats as the preferred choice to Hillary Clinton, hasn't yet thrown his name in the running for president. But his strong track record with LGBT groups may help him to make that decision.

In 2012, before President Obama or any other top Democrats were talking about the issue, Biden made history by pronouncing his support for gay marriage. Some transgender activists are hoping that Biden's support behind allowing transgendered troops will end the same way.

"No longer is there any question transgender people are able to serve in the United States military," said Biden at the dinner, promising that he would open the military to transgendered troops.

Biden called it a simple truth that transgendered Americans should be able to serve in the military, but he apparently hasn't been reading the reports that have come out from the military.

While the military is currently undergoing a cautious review to see what would be the effect on the military's effectiveness should transgendered people be allowed to fight, recent reports show that it may not be the wisest choice. Those military reports showed that military groups composed chiefly of women were rated lower in effectiveness than similar groups made up of men.

That's not to say that women aren't effective--especially considering the fact that several women recently applied for and passed the qualifications to become Army Rangers.

However, the military should base its decisions on effectiveness and readiness, not on the whims of politicians who are trying to outdo one another to woo the checkbooks of progressive donors.

h/t: CNS News



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