Reports of “vote flipping” are emerging as early voting begins in some states even as Republican candidate Donald Trump charges that the outcome of the presidential election is “rigged” against him by the powerful forces of the Clinton political machine and the Democrat party.

Whether Trump is expressing a long-felt and often-acknowledged political “truth,” or merely setting the stage for a plausible excuse should he lose the November 8 election to Clinton as seems increasingly possible given recent polling, cannot be known, but early voters are posting experiences that suggest there may be some truth to the allegation.

So-called “vote flipping” has been reported in several counties in Texas where voters who pulled the lever for an all-Republican ticket noticed that there vote was recorded as a vote for Hillary Clinton.

When contacted, however, the Texas Secretary of State said the voting machines in use are not connected to the Internet and had been in use for many years, attributing any issues to “user error,” but the claims were significant enough that election officials in Chambers County reverted to old-school paper ballots while the machines for a “software update.”

Now, Republicans are coming forward with complaints about their mail-in paper ballots in Illinois, South Carolina and Texas, which they say offer only a choice for Democrat Hillary Clinton, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Anderson, with no option to vote for Republican Donald Trump.

The voters posted photos of the ballots to back-up their claims.

With less than two-weeks to go before Election Day, the best advice may have come from the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

“If a voter encounters a malfunctioning piece of voting equipment, it is imperative they report the incident to election officials to ensure the issue can be addressed.”

Those who disregard the impact of voter fraud might do a quick Google search of the terms “jfk Chicago votes” or “landslide Lyndon,” to learn how even the deceased have helped elect Democrats in the past.

Do you think Democrats are willfully trying to commit voter fraud?

Let us know in the comments below if you think Democrats are intentionally trying to steal the presidential election.

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