Confederate this, Confederate that, all things Confederate must be eradicated from history. To include, anything even remotely tied to it, such as the “Old Dixie Highway” in Palm Beach County, California. So what is the proposed new name for the highway?

Wait for it….

Barack “Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, good” Highway. Well, really it proposed to be re-named the “Barack Obama Highway.”

GAG! What is up with all the toe-kissing, doe-eyed idol-worshiping, of this man? It is on par with mass-hysteria! Who out there still thinks this guy is a good President? He is one of the worst in history!

It is difficult to wrap one’s brain around the notion that a state highway must change its name to please the masses that do not seem to exist anywhere other than the Riviera Beach City Council. They are actually going to vote soon to rename it.


Well, Republican Party Chairman, and proud black man, Michael Bartlett, is having none of it;

“Say goodbye to Winn Dixie, Dixie Cups and Pixie sticks (sounds too much like Dixie),” GOP Chairman wrote on the news station’s Facebook page. “They are even trying to change the official Florida State song The Swanee River because of PCness.”

The ring-leader of this stupid movement is none other than the city Mayor, Thomas Masters. A lot of people are not happy, and are taking to social media to express their displeasure with this epic waste of time.


One person noted via Twitter, that “nobody in this country should name anything after him except garbage dumps.” That has to make you chuckle.

“The Road to Nowhere” is among the suggestion, as is the more controversial “Muslim Highway.”

Masters appears to be one of the hero-worshippers of Obama, who is so blinded by the “glory” of his Messiah, he is willing to spend the people’s money to take on this task. What a total moron.

Hopefully they have an election coming up and they can vote this buffoon out of office.

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