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There are videos and then there are “videos!” And this one no doubt classifies as a must watch, however before you do it worth mentioning that “two wrongs don’t make a right” although there most be some poetic justice in all of this, however I’m still trying to figure that one out.

The 46-second surveillance video captures a long line of people waiting to apparently sign in at a hospital registration desk, when suddenly a dark hooded woman brazenly cuts in front of a gentlemen who was next in line to register and begins a conversation with the individual behind registration desk, while totally ignoring the passive “gentlemen” she rudely just cut in front.

Now normally most of us would be outraged, we’d be liveried, we’d be foaming at the mouth, however not this passive “gentlemen” who casually picks her pocket opens her wallet and takes out some cash, and then nonchalantly puts back the wallet, however suddenly realizes he’s being videotaped, and looks directly into the surveillance camera.

Seconds later another individual also waiting in line and observing what just took place offers the, I guess we should now refer to this “gentlemen” as a thief, a cigarette, the “thief” lights up and casually walks away, while the hooded woman is still in conversation with the individual behind the registration desk, unaware that she’s been robbed.

Now obviously “two wrongs don’t make a right”…however if this hooded woman went to the back of the line as she should have, she wouldn’t have been robbed…I assume there is a moral to all of this?

h/t: Live Leak

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