"Kick his ass!"  Over and over again, you hear those words, and the titular laughter of what sounds like children, in the background of the melee that unfolded when one lone man, who happened to be white, exercised his freedom of speech in support of the Confederate flag.  He was taken to the ground by an enormous crowd of what appears to be club-wheeling,  black male thugs.

This happened in Columbia, South Carolina.  After they beat him into the ground, they took the flag and set it on fire.  You can hear the sirens of law enforcement approaching, but you don't really see the thugs departing.

There is some hypothetical propositions being put out there, that this may have occurred during the simultaneous protest of the Ku Klux Klan and the Black Panthers.  Each equally revolting in all respects.  However, it is the setting upon of one man by a horde of others that should give one pause.  That one man could incite that kind of rage in such a large crowd is pretty pathetic, and frankly speaks to the collective intelligence present, regardless of race.

You may or may not agree with the support of the Confederate flag, but there is no way anyone with half-a-brain could possibly be supportive of the assaulting one man by a crowd of other men.

h/t: Mad World


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