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Police officers in Cleveland are on high alert after a prison-related gang made threats against their lives. The Heartless Felons gang is ordering its members to kill white police officers. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office received the tip and reached out to local police departments, advising that they take extra precautions to protect themselves.

Formed in the juvenile prison system, the gang is rapidly expanding throughout the Cleveland area. The Heartless Felons are the second largest prison gang in Ohio and its members are connected to various prison disturbances, violent street crimes, and murders.

Emboldened by liberal media coverage that paints African-Americans as helpless victims and police officers as murderous villains, these dangerous gang members are seeking their criminal brand of street justice for the shooting of Tamir Rice last month. Watching all the protests and the outpouring of sympathy, these criminals probably feel they have public support to take to the streets and eliminate the enemy: white police officers who routinely risk their lives to protect and serve local communities.

The protests and the media coverage are a misrepresentation of facts and it’s now having dangerous, life-threatening results. Police officers are doing their jobs: investigating suspects for criminal wrongdoing and protecting themselves when those suspects didn’t comply with police commands. But, instead of empathizing with police officers, who should be touted as heroes for bravely doing one of the toughest jobs in America, they have been publicly demonized.

[h/t] Cleveland.com

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