Amy Smith took her daughter to play at the playscape for what was supposed to be a typical day at the park, but after she saw what some sicko did on the playground, it turned into anything but that – and what this maniac did to her daughter could change her life forever.

Smith was watching her daughter play as she saw the little girl go to the slide. What happened next left the toddler screaming and covered in blood, and ended in a trip to the hospital.

Demi-Mai had decide to go down the slide, her favorite part of the playground, and the next thing Smith knew, Demi-Mai was bawling and running over to her mother, dripping with blood.

Apparently, someone had intentionally placed shattered glass inside the slide in some sort of sick trap for innocent children.

Demi-Mai's legs and diaper were covered in blood and shards of shattered glass were embedded in her legs.

Smith was horrified and quickly took her daughter to the hospital. Demi-Mai received emergency medical care and did not suffer any major injuries.

The psychological damage, however will take longer to heal. Most likely she will be too terrified to ever go down the slide again.

Demi-Mai is now recovering at home, but Smith wants to make sure that other children don't fall victim to this sicko's disgusting trick.

We can only hope that this maniac ends up getting what he deserves because anyone who intentionally hurts children deserves to be punished.

Source: Mad World News

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