Islam. The most 'tolerant' and 'peaceful of faiths'. The “Religion of Peace.” Blah blah blah. What a joke!

In another display that this group of “faithful” are anything but tolerant and peaceful, their fundamentalist sect has proven they are a “Religion of Pieces.” This time, however, they left the deceased’s body intact, which in truth is a bit novel.

Islamists and Christians in Eastern Uganda had agreed to a series of theological debates at the Tirinyi Trading Center. This in and of itself is welcome news, right? Two divergent faiths coming together to talk about their differences and perhaps circle back around to things they can agree on.

Unfortunately, this is not how the debate event went down. Back in May of this year, Christian evangelist, Samson Nfunyeku had an intense debate with an Islamist counterpart. The debate was heated and end on a sour note. The tolerant Muslims did what they do best and threatened Nfunyeku that “…such debates were not good for the Muslims,” according to a former sheikh turned Christian.

Undeterred, Nfunyeku continued with the debates and on September 22nd a small forum was held. The debate closed around 5:30 pm and is not reported to have ended badly. Yet, within 3 hours Nfunyeku was jumped, beaten, to include blunt force trauma to the head, and ligature marks were found on his neck indicating he was ultimately strangled to death. His body was found not far from his home.

The Islamists are suspects. No kidding! If you have a group of peaceful Christians trying to demonstrate the acceptance of Christ as stated in the scriptures, via a two-sided debate, to the fundamentalist sect of violently irate Islamists, who threaten your pastor and then your Christian pastor ends up dead, chances are it was not the butler who did it in the foyer with the candlestick.


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