We’ve already witnessed the appalling political environment that murdered Kate Steinle, and others like her, a delusional world of unbridled and unrestricted restraints, that progressive legislators have embraced at the expense of law-abiding citizens like Steinle who simply became collateral damage at the hands of another illegal alien in the sanctuary state of California.

Now the legal system in California which originally failed Steinle by allowing murderer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate a 5-time deported alien back into America, is now attempting to put this criminal alien behind bars for life, something the state of California should have done long before that tragic summer day back in 2015.

The just reveled sickening details by prosecutors allege that Jose Ines Garcia Zarate deliberately shot Steinle in a twisted game of “his own secret version of Russian roulette.”

That blockbuster revelation contradicts the claim by the defense that Zarate accidentally fired the weapon after he found the handgun wrapped in a tee-shirt under a park bench on a San Francisco pier.

Garcia Zarate has admitted shooting 32-year-old Steinle in the back while she was walking with her father on July 1st however contends it was an accident.

In her closing argument, Deputy District Attorney Diana Garcia told jurors that Garcia Zarate had found the gun somewhere and deliberately shot it toward Steinle while playing “his own secret version of Russian roulette.”

At which point the bullet ricocheted off the concrete walkway and struck Steinle in the back, killing her almost instantly

However defense attorney Matt Gonzalez weaved a different scenario for the jurors claiming that prosecutors were pushing a “wild narrative of a desire to hurt someone he does not know.”

Superior Court Judge Samuel Feng ruled last week that the jury can consider several options, the first a more serious charge of first-degree murder, the second a lesser charge of  a second-degree murder. The defense was scheduled to wrap-up closing arguments today before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Do you think that Garcia Zarate may get a lighter conviction because the trial is in a sanctuary state?

Source: Daily Mail

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