First, allow me a moment to preface this article by acknowledging the quick and brave response by Congressman Steve Scalise’s security detail, that more than likely disrupted a potential massacre of GOP lawmakers, and to also acknowledge those innocent victims wounded. Hopefully, all will survive this senseless and brutal attack on our democracy.

No doubt the political discourse exhibited by the rabid left within recent weeks and the willful escalation of violence that exists towards President Trump and his supporters has reached “critical mass.” Moreover one doesn’t need to be a psychic to see where we’re heading as a society.

Most conservatives, who are in the political trenches, can almost recite the daily number of threats they receive from those unhinged and dangerous individuals, the spectacle of seeing a dismembered president on a social media page, or a production of “Shakespeare in the Park” in New York City, where a Trump-like character is assassinated, under the perverse guise as “art” does little to cool the unabridged hate by the left.

Moreover one doesn’t need a degree in psychotherapy to realize that there’s a sick and perverse culture out there, simply log on to any social media site after the shooting this morning and read the glee at seeing Republican Congressman Rep. Steve Scalise being rushed to the hospital after being shot.

Some of the posts are so disturbing that one wonders if we’re not witnessing some sort of mass derangement among some on the extreme left, similar to the mindset coming out of the Middle East.

Here are just a few of the onslaught of tasteless tweets from low life liberals:

The shocking incident took place during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, where both Democratic and Republican lawmakers come together in a spirit of friendly competition and play a baseball game for charity.

While the details are still sketchy, what is known as of this writing is that the suspect was wounded (perhaps killed), his name is James Hodgkinson, a white 66-year old male, and apparently a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Do you think liberals justify unacceptable behavior like these messages of support for an insane shooter because they are self-righteous?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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