We’ve all been there, sitting on a train, a bus or in a subway car, when suddenly some wacko either drunk or high on drugs bursts into the car or stands up on a bus and begin intimidating passengers, and although you try to ignore the unfolding mayhem the “wacko” continues.

And you wish someone, “anyone” would take this crazy fool down and teach him a lesson, and suddenly this video dubbed 'Viking Guy' hits the internet and makes up for all of us who’ve had to endure a situation like this.

The incredible footage took place on the Culver City Expo line in LA, when passenger Adrian Kaczmarek, also known as 'Viking Guy', decides he's had enough of an unruly shirtless drunk intimidating and threatening passengers, and within seconds swiftly moves behind the abusive drunk who’s busy harassing a young man and clamps him a sleeper choke hold, that instantaneously put him down within seconds unconscious.

Other travelers express their delight as Adrian keeps his foot on the man's chest, repeating the phrase 'stay down'.

He is unable to move from under the man's foot on the train traveling from the Crenshaw area to the Culver City Station around 9pm on Saturday.

Transit officials confirmed the man had been drinking and was under the influence of a controlled substance.

Check out "Viking Guy" in action below:

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