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When best-selling author Ann Coulter appeared on the long-running daytime talk show that more often resembles a soap opera with its drama and angry interactions with guests that have led to the hosts walking off the set, it was to plug her book, “Mugged,” and that’s probably what the liberal panel of female hosts expected they could pull off.

But Coulter, who graduated cum laude from Cornell and earned her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School where she was editor of the Michigan Law Review, proved more than up to the challenge and, as it turned out, the only one who “got mugged,” was the über-liberal former comedian Whoopi Goldberg.

Coulter went on the ABC show to discuss her book about what she calls “the real history of race relations in this country,” including the twist white liberals give to the story in order to deflect their guilt, blame the innocent, and fuel racial hatreds to gain political advantage.

What she walked into was an attempted ambush by the five women of the panel, who talked simultaneously, asking questions without pausing for a response.

While Democrats try to portray themselves as the champion of African-Americans and all minorities, the stance requires a conscious decision to disregard history and ignoring the unpleasant fact that their party supported slavery, Jim Crow and “separate but equal,” policies opposing Republican Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s and running as “Dixiecrats” over one-hundred years later.

Liberals like Goldberg and the other hosts on “The View” have not read their history or would know that Eugene “Bull” Connor, the Commissioner of Public Safety who trained attack dogs and fire hoses on protesters in Birmingham, southern governors Lester Maddox and George Wallace, and many other segregationists of the Civil Rights era were staunch Democrats.

Sen. Robert Byrd (WV), who Hillary Clinton called her “friend and mentor,” was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and her husband’s mentor, Sen. J. William Fulbright (AR) and Clinton Vice-President Al Gore’s father, Sen. Al Gore Sr. (TN) all espoused racist views.

Coulter foiled the ambush with statistics and hard facts leaving Goldberg, who was once a comedian, sputtering “Well tell me what you know about being black,” and then being “bleeped” when she apparently used the word for “BS.”


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