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Perhaps if we actually followed the career or knew what this “ B-list celebrity” was actually noted for, other than her not so funny performances, then perhaps “SHOCK” might be an appropriate description of Michelle Collins getting the hook.

However one really can’t be “SHOCKED” at witnessing “B-List over the hill” celebrities getting the boot, they actually go “hand-in-glove.”

Apparently Collins had impressed Whoopi Goldberg (a better known B-List comedian), enough to be offered a trial period.

However the “love-in” quickly soured and ABC executives began rethinking their decision, so much so that they reduced Collins's appearances to only a few times a week, and obviously the writing was on the wall.

Moreover what apparently sealed the deal for Collins was when she ignited outrage over her mocking the nursing profession, followed by her tasteless remarks on the appearance of presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina’s face. The loss of advertisers, which was directly attributed to her led to her dismissal.

Collins is expected to continue as a co-host through the summer; however her contract will not be renewed.

Obviously The View continues to have issues which begs the question, “who’s putting this train-wreck of a show together?” The show puts four mediocre female comedians – each of whom belong to the loony Left – appearing together daily to give their annoyingly misinformed opinions on the issues of the day. Next, bring in the clowns!

h/t: Western Journalism

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