Our military service members, active duty or retired, are always ready to defend others or themselves. They are ready to do this whether on foreign shores or in their own backyard. When it came to Larry Yepez, a US Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran, it was the latter where he found himself in a life or death situation.

Yepez, a Mariposa County, California resident who lives in the Yosemite National park forest area was attacked by a very aggressive bear. He and his dog walked out the front door and straight into the claws and mouth of a 250-pound black bear.

We are told by experts that should we encounter a bear in the wild, to make ourselves as big as we can appear and yell at the animal. Yepez did that, yelling “get away!” The bear did not mosey on his way, rather it launched full frontal assault taking Yepez to the ground, flat on his back and in the jaws of 250 pounds of animal fury.

Yepez’s survival instincts kicked into high gear and the fight was on between the bear and the 66-year old Purple Heart recipient. Punching and kicking at the creature who was attacking him at the throat and stomach, as well as his arms as they battled, was no easy feat. He was finally able to get his legs pulled up under the bear, and kick it. The bear was dislodged and Yepez and his dog were able flee into his home while the bear bolted for the forest.

Having been nearly eaten by the bear, Yepez was in serious trouble. Knowing he needed immediate medical help, and rather than call an ambulance, Yepez drove himself to the hospital. Covered in blood and explaining that he had just been attacked by a bear, Yepez received the medical care he desperately needed and authorities were notified.

The Mariposa County authorities have issued warnings to people in the area, and are on the lookout for the beast. The bear will be euthanized, when and if found, as it is very aggressive and very dangerous.

Bravo Mr. Yepez! You service to God, country and family is very much appreciated. You are an amazing representation of the type of men and women who serve in our armed forces.

Source: Fox40

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