The Congress is getting to hear first-hand about the demonic fires of hell that are licking at the feet, and consuming, non-Muslims in the Middle East.

Tragically, we have to wonder if the horrors the Yezidi and Chaldeans described will have any effect upon the stonewalling of our government and the non-litmus-test that is really a litmus-test for rescuing refugees, let alone those trapped within the clutches of ISIS.

“Because we are not Muslims…we are being burned alive” said Mirza Ismail, of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International.

Not to mention butchered, crucified, having their children dismembered in front of them, turned into pin-cushions for knives and swords, tortured, killed, and every unspeakable horror you can imagine.

If you can’t fathom horror read on.

“I met mothers, whose children were torn from them by ISIS. These same mothers came to plead for the return of their children, only to be informed, that they, the mothers, had been fed the flesh of their own children by ISIS. Children murdered, then fed to their own mothers” informed Ismail.

He went on;

“According to many escaped women and girls whom I talked to in Northern Iraq, the abducted Yezidis, mostly women and children, number of 7,000. Some of those women and girls have had to watch 7, 8, and 9-year old children bleed to death before their eyes, after being raped by ISIS militia multiple times a day.

The “Religion of Peace” don’t you know is so tolerant.

Yet, the entire world of non-leadership, who recognize this horror for what it is, are the ones labeled intolerant haters, bigots, Islamophobes. Here in the US we are impugned in this regard by our own leaders, not the least of whom is our own pandering president.

“The entire Yezidi population was displaced in less that one day on August 3, 2014, in Sijar. The Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian Christians face this genocide together,” stated Ismail.

They are, as Chaldean Bishop Francis Kalabat said, “…being vicitimezed by the Obama administration in not recognizing their suffering.”

No to mention victimized by the entire world.

Source: CNS News


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