We all love a good "idiot criminal" story, one where a criminal is so stupid it boggles the mind. The newest addition to this storied club came just recently from Martin County, Florida, and involves a druggie, an undercover narcotics agent, and a wrong phone number.

The story begins with William Lamberson texting a number that he thought would connect him with a friend. That number, however, turned out to be the cell phone of a member of the county narcotics team, something that the officer was quick to conceal.

After responding "What's up" to Lamberson's initial text Lamberson proceeded to ask the officer if he had any marijuana, saying that he wanted to "smoke so bad. U have any green."

At this point I'm sure the officer broke down into laughter, thinking about the hilarious mix-up. The story gets better, however, because the officer asked for a picture and then asked if Lamberson had access to any cocaine, or "blow."

"You got any hooks for sum blow," the officer texted Lamberson, referring to hookups for drug deals. Lamberson, in keeping with his incredibly dumb actions earlier, responded, "I actually do man. lol."

Lamberson proceeded to itemize the types of cocaine that he had and worked with the narcotics officer to set up a drop-off time. Of course Lamberson was immediately arrested when he arrived at the drop-off site, serving as a hilarious reminder that drug addicts and drug dealers aren't prided or well known for their smarts.

For his part, we have to admire the savvy of the narcotics officer who took an odd text and ran with it. I imagine that his superiors gave him a raise or some kind of bonus for thinking so quickly on his feet and improvising, something that can't be said for Lamberson and his would-be drug deal.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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