Yet again, black thugs are committing terrorist style assaults on white people. The good Reverend Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found.

Our racially conflicted president is nowhere to be found. You would think his white half would be outraged at the racist beat down his black half is endorsing, but whatever.

In a latest epic display of black thuggery, 10 males, decided in would be fun to beat up a white couple waiting at a metro station in Obama’s backyard—Washington, D.C.

“They came up — I noticed they had scarves over their face — they said a few words about my shoes, about getting up, if I wanted to give them my seat, and then before I had a chance to respond, that is when they just started attacking,” said the male victim.

Notice the thugs hid behind scarves. They are nothing more than violent cowards. If they are so big and bad and want the world to pay attention to them, why not show their faces?

The woman concurs that it happened very quickly as they were pummeled in the face.

This is attack #4 of likened circumstances. News of such attacks and warnings has been lacking. Of course it has!

Nobody cares if you are white and the victim of an assault at the hands of a black person. You had it coming right?

You breathe and you’re Caucasian. That’s your crime and they are judge, jury, and sometimes executioner.

This is disgusting. The media, metro in DC, Sharpton, Obama, and all the rest condoning such behavior should be ashamed of themselves.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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