Get ready, because the salat is coming to a neighborhood near you. What is the salat, you ask? Well, it is another facet of Islam. It is one of the Five Pillars of the religion that forces everyone to drop what they are doing, face Mecca, get down on their face, and pray. In the video, the Muslims are standing but rest assured they eventually dropped to all fours and did their bum-up thing.

This is no joke. This is not happening in some foreign Middle Eastern land. This right here? this video?.. this happened in downtown Los Angeles. LA! Check out the photos for Washington, D.C., New York City, and around the world.

The superiority complex these people have over their neighbors, the towns they live in, even nations, is now beyond comprehension. These brazen acts shut down businesses, block streets and roads causing traffic jams, and impeding the movement of emergency vehicles. This is an intimidation tactic on a global scale and it IS getting frightening.

If a Christian crowd gathered like this, or a Jewish crowd, or heck even a Satanic or Wiccan crowd, you can bet they would have been broken up and sent on their merry way. Not Muslims. Those folks can’t be told to bug-off and get out of the way, because they might get “offended.”

The world is being nudged and enveloped by Islam. More importantly, the last beacon of freedom, the United States of America is being engulfed in the madness.

Shariah is here and it is only a matter of time before we are in battle for our nation, and our freedoms to worship, work, laugh, play, dress, and most importantly freely vote however we want. The time for vigilance was a few decades ago. The time for action, is now.

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