For those that believe we’re facing a powerful enemy equal to that of Nazi Germany, think again.

If anything this rare footage of an US attack helicopter illustrates the quick and brutal response captured on video, when a foolish enemy decides to engage in hostilities by actually shooting at the attack helicopter.

Within a matter of a few seconds the chopper is fired upon and quickly turns back to engage the ISIS enemy and within a fiery explosion eliminates the target.

In truth the American military is perhaps the best and most professional military in the annals of warfare, and if left to actually engage this enemy it would undoubtedly complete the mission quickly and decisively

What is missing is leadership combined with a cowardly and inept administration afraid to actually engage and identify the enemy and call them by their rightful name “RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS

This video has over a million views and was captured at nighttime.

Do you think Obama is doing enough to protect Americans from an ISIS terrorist threat?

h/t: Q Political

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