It appears Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) is seriously challenged when it comes to parking a car.

An anonymous video is making the rounds online showing her pathetic attempt to park at the capital.
During the video you can hear the person who made the video make some pretty funny commentary:

"if she parks like that she should not be a member of congress"

Sadly members of congress have a bad habit of not paying their parking fines and this just shows their attitude is that they are above even the most simple parking laws.A survey done by the website Roll Call back in 2011 showed that members of congress owed more than $15,000 in parking fines.

D.C. Mayor at the time Vincent Gray, was quoted as saying “We wish they would pay up because we can use the revenue.” Don't you wish your city would take that attitude towards you if you didn't pay your fines?

Watch the video here:


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