Drones are cool and they're becoming more and more popular in everyday life from hobbyists to farmers and pizza delivery tools.

But there's also a military aspect to drone technology, an aspect which isn't touted as much by the military, but which is steadily increasing in importance.

Drones offer the military the chance to remove humans from harm's way and to increase efficiency and accuracy in mission situations. That efficiency is something that was recently put on display by the Navy's experimental drone X-47B.

The drone, which has been featured in press events taking off and landing on aircraft carriers, completed a milestone in drone flight that signals the progress of drone technology.

In a video, viewers can watch as the X-47B drone refuels from a large, Omega Tanker, off the coast of Maryland. The video is short and simply shows the drone connecting to the remote fuel line, fueling, and disconnecting. However, despite the length of the video, it's the principle behind the feat that is most impressive.

With autonomously refueling aircraft, the Navy has again proven that drones will play an integral part in the future of aviation combat, and that the technology is continuing to increase which will circumvent the need to put American lives at risk.

h/t: Western Journalism

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