President Obama is trying his best to remain relevant as he enters his "lame-duck" months as president. He recently made an appearance at the popular South By Southwest (SXSW) arts and media festival in Austin, Texas, where he managed to accidentally crack a joke.

Obama was on the stage with a moderator when he decided to take a digression from his main talk about people's stories and speak about voting.

"We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote," he said, prompting a series of snickers and outright laughs from the audience.

The laughs appeared to catch Obama off-guard. Clearly he didn't think that anyone would call him out on his claims among such a liberal audience as an arts festival crowd in Austin, one of the more liberal cities in America.

But it's clear that Obama's claims aren't believable to very many average Americans. The idea that making it harder to vote, or as many Democrats call it "voter suppression," is a bad thing is simply unfounded.

Obama compared the right to vote to ordering pizza or a plane ticket and said that it was a shame that it was harder to vote than it was to do either of those two things.

Mr. President, there's such a thing as protecting our freedoms from voter fraud, something that's becoming very important in this day and age of community activism and outside groups coming into communities and telling people how to vote and what causes to rally behind.

Having it difficult to vote isn't the same thing as making sure that the people who are voting are actually Americans who haven't already voted. Perhaps making it "harder" will make people recognize how important our right to vote actually is. Maybe they'll think a bit more about who they want in office rather than simply listen to the media narrative or these community activists.

h/t: Free Beacon

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