Hater and racist, not to mention sexist pig, Donald Trump…Oh wait! That’s right! Donald Trump loves America! He is a successful multi-billionaire businessman with a melting pot of a work force!

He also happens to be running for the highest office in land and is CONSTANTLY being battered in the press as some sort of thug. According to the mainstream lib media, Donald Trump is an anti-Islamic, homophobe, who hates immigrants, black people, and LGBTQs.

Wrong! The guy is all American and loves every bit of what made this country great and all he wants to do is “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” A lot of people are getting the message, despite the mainstream media’s War on Trump, as he has amassed quite a following.

Once the laughing stock of the campaign, and some pretty big name talking heads, he is now the clear front-runner and the guy to beat.

Recently, at a Press Conference, Donald Trump proved his worth again. He called up to the podium a young woman, who happens to be a veteran, a 9/11 survivor, and black American, so that he might have a few words with her.

What prompted this was the young woman, whose name we still don’t know, asking Donald Trump an unspecified question.

His reaction was to tell her to “Come up here.” He then proceeded to query his crowd, by asking them, “Do you mind if I do a job interview right now? We need good people!”

One can only imagine the adrenaline rush and bewilderment of that moment in that young American hero’s life. She is an interior designer, and she was effectively offered a job in his organization.

“If we can make a good deal on the salary, she’s gonna probably have a job, OK.”

How fantastic. Our president is killing jobs left and right, and a presidential candidate is making good on his promise to make this nation great again, and foster a business friendly climate, by hiring someone on the spot. 

In return, he got a hug and kiss on the cheek from here. Guaranteed that made his day!

Well played Mr. Trump. Well played.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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