The enemy grows stronger day-by-day, inching ever closer to our shores.


Because we have a president who lives in delusional fantasy land where there is no real enemy.

Isis-shmisis, eh! Big deal. That is the attitude that exudes from the White House, the puppet administration, and the desk-jockeying pencil-pushing pale and fleshy-skinned main stream media shills who claim we are “winning.”

Not so. This video, shot by an Army Ranger, shows the open-highway of vehicular reinforcements of Jihadis, fuel, and weapons as they move, unimpeded, back and forth across Iraq, Kurdistan, and Syria.

And we are where? Nowhere to be seen. Actually, that’s not true.

As the Ranger points out, our pilots are overhead and would love to do some damage to the enemy, but politics appear to be getting in the way of us fighting a war.

The only thing impeded over there is us, by us, and more pointedly, the embarrassment in the White House.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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