Once again from the comfort of our homes, we witness the awesome power and technology of our military.

For those of us older than twelve, this is indeed a brave new world of computer guided smart bombs, drones and high-tech equipment that has changed the face of warfare forever.

This one plus minute video is simply the latest “video game” played by our outstanding military, and although the exact particulars are a little sketchy, this encounter took place in Afghanistan, sometime in the evening, as the “bad guys” attempted to hide in a building against a wall, and thinking they were out of sight.

Remarkably the “voice over” of our high-tech combat worrier is calm almost matter-of-fact, as he guides his drone silently around the structure to get a better look at where the “rats are hiding” and slowly takes another pass over to double-check his coordinates before unleashing his missile.

Moments later the video captures the silent explosion and debris of a perfect strike, another group of bad guys apparently on their way to meet “ALLAH!”


For most of us over the age of 30 these incredible videos showcase America’s ability to penetrate within the most hostile areas around the world, using the latest drone technology, while keeping our combat pilots safe.

Do you support the use of drones in the U.S. military?

Source: Live Leak



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