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“Good. It’s not gonna be okay. They don’t know what’s about to hit ‘em.”

-Lt. Col Joel Vowell-

US Army-101st Airborne

“Screaming Eagles”


Those were the words of Lt. Col. Vowell in response to his unit coming under attack and taking fire from the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan.

After returning fire, those words were followed by some fighter jets raining hell on the terrorists.

The video, “The Hornet’s Nest”, is part of an embedded journalist documentary of the trials of war, as seen first person.

The clip takes the viewer into the action and allows you to experience the surgical-skill with which our military operates.

This is these men’s’ jobs, and they very much accept the fact that while this was a job well done, there is more to come, but they are confident in their abilities.

Screaming Eagles. You are awesome.



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