Either we seriously suck in terms of aim, or we are being lied to. Given the faith we all have in our men and women who fight for our freedoms, and the extensive training our military pilots go through to don their wings, money can be put down on the assumption that our government is not telling us the whole truth.

Take for example the recent epic fails of bombing campaigns against ISIS. Our strategy appears to be that we first leaflet the enemy to tell them to run away, then we come back and bomb the place after effectively evacuating the bad guys, and assuming the collateral damage has fled as well. Then, we seemingly can’t hit the targets.

According to Colonel Steven Warren, after an hours-long campaign of precision fire at specific trucks and fuel tankers, we ran out of ammo.

“So the goal was to destroy every truck there. They ran out of ammunition before they were able to do that. But, the desire was to destroy every single truck there.”

Apparently, it’s the thought that counts.

Seriously! We are fighting a war and we run out of ammunition! Didn’t the bad guys run away courtesy of the leaflet campaign? Shouldn’t the trucks have been sitting ducks?

What were the trucks doing? Rapidly scurrying about like the advanced levels in the old Asteroid game and moving so fast that with A-10s and AC-130s we can’t hit them?

We destroyed 238 trucks out of who knows how many, but seeing as we “ran out of ammunition” before the job was done, there were obviously more.

Of course we dispute the Russian claims of destroying hundreds of ISIS trucks and tankers in the same area. They only nailed about a hundred, so that means we blew up more. Uh-huh. Sure we did.

Is it just a little puzzling to anyone out there how this JV team of terrorists has hundreds of fuel tanker trucks? Where did they get them?

Why do some many still exist if our bombing campaigns have been so successful, as repeatedly stated by our Commander-in-Chief?

Why don’t our soldiers have enough ammo? Why didn’t they go reload and chase them down? Why wasn’t the attack rolled out in waves?

If anybody is looking “JV” it’s us, and that is reflection on the Administration solely, not our awesome warriors.

Source: CNS News


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