Recently Project Veritas Action has been going undercover to reveal just how low Hillary, her supporters and the rest of the Democrats are willing to go to try to throw this election. The U.S. Herald recently reported on a video that exposed the Democrats for committing voter fraud in New York City. Project Veritas Action just released another undercover video showing another one of the Democrats scummy moves that they have been making to claw their way into any sort of advantage.

The project wanted to see what sort of reaction Hillary's staffers would give to Republican voter cards being destroyed so they posed as a Democrat and approached Trevor LaFauci, Field Organizer at Florida Democrat Party, to tell him what he had done.

The undercover reporter told him that he had shredded three Republican registration forms. The reaction was somewhat astonishing. LaFauci was hardly even effected by the news of voter fraud, exposing just how supportive of voter fraud the Dems are so long as it's in their favor.

LaFauci told the reporter that it was totally fine that he ripped up the cards and even said that he would be sure not to report him for the blatant fraud.

Soon after LaFauci was approached by another reporter who asked him if he was alright with the destruction of voter cards. The reporter even confronted him about the comments that he had made moments ago.

Of course, LaFauci played dumb to the entire situation. That's when the reporter informed him that he had a video of the previous interaction. This promptly shut up LaFauci and he made a quick beeline for the exit of the building without further comment.

Watch the video of the slimy democrat slither out after he had been caught.

It's disgusting to see the type of corrupt behavior that has permeated throughout the entire Democratic party, but, honestly, it's not all that surprising.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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