Recently, one of U.K. Daily Mail's reporters became so fed up with CNN that they spoke out against the biased news network and said what so many Americans have been saying forever especially after seeing this most recent 2016 election cycle. Now both Hillary and CNN are completely outraged after being outed by this British reporter.

British journalist Katie Hopkins outed CNN for their extremely biased news reporting calling them the "Clinton News Network." Hopkins used the aggressively slanted reporting in favor of Hillary Clinton as reason, and when she was confronted by the overtly indignant host, Hala Gorani, she stuck with her argument.

When asked if she supported Donald Trump, Hopkins replied, "I think he’s going to win. I think you guys are in for a big surprise which I am quite excited about."

"I think we have seen a very similar thing here in the U.K. with Brexit," she said. "We saw a lot of the liberal press kind of sneering at Brexiteers. We see a lot of the sneering that we’re seeing from the Clinton News Network."

Gorani interrupted her saying, "That’s CNN, you’re calling us the Clinton News Network," to which Hopkins responded instantly saying, "That’s exactly correct."

When Gorani pressed Hopkins demanding that she explain why she would say something like that, Hopkins cited the slanted polls that CNN regularly displays to viewers painting a false picture of some imaginary massive lead that Hillary holds over Trump.

She went on to say that she and many others had become "grown bored" with the growing number of "meaningless" biased polls made to appear Hillary seem more respected than she is, while trying to hide the support that Trump has.

"I will say having sat in the Republican convention and having watched your coverage, it is completely biased. And I think Trump is doing a great job," said Hopkins.

The two argued for a moment while Gorani demanded that Hopkins provide proof that CNN is biased. Finally, Hopkins was able to get a word in, attacking CNN for its portrayal of women as helpless "victims" who need somebody strong to protect them against somebody like Donald Trump. She let the host know that most woman are plenty capable of deciding for themselves if they feel threatened by Donald Trump or not and don't need a biased news source to tell them if they are.

The two continued in a very heated engagement for a few more minutes. You can see the entirety of the exchange in the video below:

Hopkins managed to tear CNN to shreds while at the same time keep the host flustered and without words throughout the entire show, completely humiliating her on her own show. We can only say well done Hopkins, well done.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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