Touchdown-US Coalition!

That’s right, ISIS/ISIL, freaks of the desert, you play with the big boys, you lose, and you lose big.

On September 8th, the US-led coalition completely obliterated a sporting venue in Ramadi, Iraq, that was providing cover as an enemy base and waypoint for “homemade explosives, weapons and ammunition as well as VBIED [Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device] components.”

Gone. It would seem that the big shiny light you see about a minute into the video-clip, was the last thing any of the Jihadis saw before they went to meet Allah and pick-up their 72 virgins, while en-route to hell, where they belong.

Ramadi is approximately 70 miles west of Baghdad and the base was “a base of operations to control fighters across the Ramadi region, and as a central node for lethal aid funneled down the Euphrates River Valley."

This blow to the enemy was one of 17, throughout Iraq and Syria, and is sure to hamper the abilities of ISIS in their quest to establish a Caliphate.

It is the hope that the Iraqi troops, Shi’ite militias and the Sunni tribes, will pick up the ball and make an end-field run to re-take Ramadi. Presently, they are re-taking other areas near the strategic city.

Source: Business Insider



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