Donald Trump is notorious for making extremely effective anti-Hillary ads, especially ones that completely humiliate Hillary for the whole world to see. He seems to always hit her where it hurts her most – in her weak spots. And there are a lot of them!

Lately Hillary has been priding herself on her claim that Americas can trust her with our security. Trump's latest ad plays off this blatant lie perfectly by revealing the actual truth that American's can't even trust Hillary with the security of her own emails!

His latest anti-Hillary ad was released just this past Friday on social media and has already had well over 55,000 likes in the first few hours. The 30-second ad exposes the multiple discords between what Hillary says about her emails and the actual truth behind the whole email debacle.

It then uses these inconsistencies to showcase just how unqualified she is to be the president of our nation.

The video starts by spotlighting CNN's Wolfe Blitzer clearly stating the words "extremely careless," which are the words that FBI Director James Comey used when describing Hillary's handling of very classified information even as he stopped short of recommending the filing of charges against Hillary.

This is followed by multiple clips from the media showing the disgustingly deep hole Hillary has dug herself by repeatedly lying and changing stories about the truth behind the email scandal.

"Director Comey said that my answers were truthful," says Clinton in one videoclip, which is immediately followed by a clip of Comey correcting her, "that’s not true" in front of Congress. This is just one instance of many in which Comey was forced to refute Hillary's flagrant lies during his recent testimony.

"Careless, reckless, crooked — putting her interests ahead of national security," then the ad shows an image of the White House and ends with "Don’t let Hillary Clinton do it again."

There is absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clinton is not only under-qualified, but has demonstrated – as this ad clearly shows – that she will beg, steal, lie, and cheat her way to the top no matter the risk to our national security.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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