As the election rapidly approaches the two candidates have kicked it up a notch, coming after each other in heated exchanges both during the debates outside of them, on their respective campaign trails. They are both trying to convince the country of the what might become of America as we know it if their rival is elected.

It would seem that Trump has somewhat of an advantage in this battle due to Hillary's many mistakes, weaknesses, and shortcomings that have revealed themselves over her career, and especially as the campaigns continue to ramp up on the homestretch.

Well Trump just released another video that capitalizes on the many issues with Hillary as a political issue and it's received a lot of attention. In the first 3 hours after the video's release on Monday morning it has already been shared over 30,000 times.

The main focus of the video was aimed at attacking Hillary's "pay-for-play" schemes that she has used to pump money into the corrupt Clinton Foundation while she was the Secretary of State.

"As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton abused her power to get millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, and in return, granted so many favors to the establishment and elites," read Trump's Facebook post released along with the video. "SO unbelievably corrupt."

The video's title says it all, "Get Rich Quick: Hillary Clinton’s Pay to Play Guide." It shows just how Hillary was able to abuse her power as Secretary of State to carry out widespread corruption scandals and shady deals.

Step 1: Start a Foundation that accepts loads of money from foreign countries and donors.

Step 2: Become Secretary of State.

Step 3: Set up a private email server to cover your tracks.

Step 4: Meet with foreign leaders, with one condition — they donate big bucks to the Foundation.

Step 5: Foreign leaders, dignitaries (really anyone who paid to play) gets special favors from Hillary.

Step 6: Delete any email correspondence on your personal email server.

Step 7: Just in case, destroy devices with a hammer.

Step 8: Pray you don’t get caught.

Step 9: Get caught, cover up, lie … and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie.

Step 10: Run for president!

Trump highlighted Hillary's corruption, noting that it is evidence of a "rigged" system that he vows to end if elected president.

"You will always be FIRST—not donors, not special interests, not Washington insiders—you!" His Facebook post continued.

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