The Trump campaign has just debuted their first official general election advertisement. The video consisted of some of the issues that Trump has been hard on throughout his campaign, such has illegal immigration and Hillary's rigging of the democratic primary election.

Conservative Tribune has more:

The Trump campaign just released its first general election advertisement, which consisted of the GOP nominee’s anti-illegal immigration message and a quick slam of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton for rigging her primary election.

What was the first thing that happened after it was released? Overwhelmingly positive feedback — even from the Republicans who don’t particularly like Trump.

“I’m not the world’s greatest Trump fan, but I can’t complain about this ad,” political comedian Steven Crowder wrote. “It’s well done. Overall, I think it is an effective ad.”

“I can’t speak for everyone, but the general consensus out there is Trump is at his strongest when he talks about immigration,” Crowder explained. “Illegal immigration isn’t really just a Republican issue, after all. Plenty of them Dems are none too pleased with illegals treating the border like a cheese cloth, to be later used to wipe Hillary’s server. Therefore it makes sense for Trump to stick with that issue.”

Crowder expounded on the ad’s statements, reaffirming the well-established fact that Clinton has sold out America to foreign governments, accomplished nothing of note as secretary of state, and will lie straight to your face if her decisions resulted your son’s death.

“The ad then explores how Hillary Clinton is the beneficiary of a rigged system,” Crowder said. “Which, let’s be honest? Hard to argue. How many of you would get away with a smidgen of what Hillary has? Secret email server, four dead in Benghazi, covering up for her husband’s rapes.”

The abhorrence of the former secretary of state is what may drive even those conservatives and Republicans who don’t like him to vote for Trump.

While Clinton has been spending boatloads of money on advertising in battleground states, the GOP nominee has been slowly narrowing the poll gap. Perhaps his numbers will continue to rise with the start of this new ad campaign.

The Republican platform is one of freedom and prosperity, because that’s what Republican policy has delivered time and time again. But you just have to get that message out there.

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