President Donald Trump humiliated the media establishment on Saturday by calling out CNN and MSNBC "fake news" during a rally staged far away from the self-congratulatory chatter of the annual Washington press corps dinner.

"A large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation’s capital right now,” Trump told the crowd in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “They are gathered together for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner without the president.”

You've got to hand it to The Donald: he is serving the media their just desserts.

When the media went into coordinated attack mode in 2016, making it abundantly obvious that their plan was to destroy Trump's bid for the presidency, Trump made it equally clear he was not going to be complicit in his own destruction.

His no-show in Washington on Saturday sent a clear message: If the press won't play fair, who needs the press?

“And I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be 100 miles away from Washington’s swamp, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people,” Trump told supporters in Harrisburg.

Fair enough.

However, all is not smooth yachting with The Donald at the end of his first 100 days. Many of his core supporters have begun to harbor doubts that his major campaign promises of foreign non-interventionism and putting America's domestic interests first will be kept.

Notes investigative reporter Robert Parry at Consortiumnews: "Under intense pressure from the Democratic and Republican establishments – and facing an intelligence-community-driven hysteria over vague links between some of his advisers and Moscow – Trump has further buckled on his pledge to improve relations with Russia, instead ratcheting up rhetoric and threats.

"If anything, Trump is now shifting U.S. foreign policy more into line with what the neocons demand than Obama did," Parry adds. "With Trump’s goal to work more cooperatively with Russia smashed by Russia-gate, he is now cementing a foreign policy that is almost indistinguishable from what Trump’s vanquished Republican rivals, such as neocon Senators Marco Rubio of Florida, or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, would have espoused. Or, for that matter, Hillary Clinton."

Today, Trump finds himself standing at a critical cross-roads of a presidency that has barely left the starting gate. The more he appears to stray from his original platform that got him elected, the more Trump's cries of "Make America Great Again" will ring hollow with his base -- no matter how many people attend his rallies.

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Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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