Trump's press conferences aren't your granddad's press conferences. As you might expect, they are more than just a little fiery and filled with a barrage of attacks launched from the press, met with a heated defense and a roaring flurry of counter attacks from President Trump.

This most recent press conference on Thursday afternoon unveiled, yet again, that Trump is not one to be trifled with, and although some other presidents may have just rolled over and been caught flat-footed by carefully worded questions designed to catch the president off guard and get a good quote for an article, Trump isn't like the rest.

Trump made sure to give them plenty of quotes for their articles but it wasn't the typical "gotcha" quotes that they were expecting or used to.

One CNN reporter came after Trump especially hard trying to make him look like a fool, but the reporter would be the only fool in this press conference after hearing Trump's epic response.

Watch the video of the press 'slaughter' below.

Naturally, this stirred up a pretty big response on social media.

Trump shocked reporters everywhere.

Trump fans and Republicans that tuned in absolutely loved Trump's no jokes attitude of handling these reporters.

Trump just showed these reporters that they're playing on his turf now. The days of them running politics in America by spreading lies and slander to pedal their liberal agendas are over. It's time for the Trump era to begin.

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