Can the Veteran’s Administration get us Americans anymore angry? Is it possible? Did they not learn their lesson with the news of their incompetence when it comes to letting our vets languish on their rolls to the point of death?

Well, no they have not. Recently, while during a campaign stop, Donald Trump was made aware of a veteran in the crowd. Trump left the podium so he could shake hands with the wheelchair bound 101st Airborne Wounded Warrior, Todd. He learned quickly that this American hero is one of those who has slipped between the cracks, otherwise known as bulldozed into the crevasse of the forgotten, by the VA.

The man and his wife, his around-the-clock caregiver, are unable to get an appointment with the VA to be seen about a new program that will provide them with additional assistance. The man wanted to know what Trump will do better than the Obama administration when it comes to the needs of veterans.

First, Trump took down the veteran’s information and promised; “I am going to put pressure on the VA like you won’t believe.”

Next he said; “As president, I can guarantee it. As Trump, I can say, ‘I’ll probably be able to pull it off anyway’” with respect to getting Todd, and other vets, VA assistance.

He went on to say that with his pressure the VA will work with Todd.

Let’s all keep the pressure on. On the administration, on the VA, and on Mr. Trump, although with the latter it seems unlikely he will need any pressured motivation.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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