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“Delay, delay, delay.”

That was Republican presidential candidate, and everybody’s favorite person to love-hate, Donald Trump’s answer to President Obama nominating a Supreme Court justice.

As we all know, and as Donal Trump proclaimed during the CBS presidential debate (2-13-2016), Judge Antonin Scalia’s death was, “…a tremendous blow to conservatism. It’s a tremendous blow, frankly, to our country.”

Stunning, shocking, jaw-dropping, are all applicable adjectives. Not to mention equal application to the thought a president nominating and confirming three Supreme Court justices (THREE!), one-third of the court, during his tenure. Can it get any worse for our country? Don’t answer that.

As to whether or not Trump was “…OK with the president nominating somebody, “ a retarded question if ever there was one, he said, ”I think he going to do whether I’m OK with it or not.” Duh, John Dickerson (CBS moderator), when has what Trump, or anybody elsewants ever stopped Obama?

Trump went on to add the epitome of wherein the responsibility lies with protecting the balance of the court,

“I think it is up to Mitch McConnell and everbody else to stop it.”

Do you hear that McConnell? No more rolling over and peeing yourselves GOP. There has never been a greater time to protect the Constitution of the United States. Obama must be stopped. Do not sell out.

If you do, you alone will be responsible for the destruction of the nation. Not the Democrats, but the Republican party. Which seems to be the pattern of late.

Truer words were never spoken by Donald Trump.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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