Recently at the colorado GOP caucus something absolutely disgusting took place in order to fight Trump and the Trump campaign. A video has surfaced recalling the entire incident and all of its corruption and it is going absolutely viral!

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A long time Republican delegate is irate today over his experience at the Colorado GOP Caucus. Larry Lindsey, who is a GOP member and a Trump supporter, reported to the Colorado Springs Convention Center to register as a delegate. As things go very wrong, he captures his ordeal on video, and his experience is leaving social media in shock. You’ll be completely disgusted by the corruption and fraud going on, and this viral video is proof that your vote is not going to count in this election.


As news reports are confirming, Ted Cruz allegedly gained all the delegates in Colorado, but social media users are waking up to a different story. That story is one of corruption and fraud. Buzzing all over the internet are Trump supporters who are long time delegates being turned away, and threats were given to change their support or their names would be removed as delegates.

One such story is Colorado resident Larry Lindsey, who video captured his ordeal. His GOP precinct captain Jan Murray threatened that if he didn’t change his support from Trump (to Cruz), he would be taken off the list as a delegate, something he has been for 15 years. Lindsey returned home and burned his GOP card, which has spurned the viral hastag #BurnTheGOP.

This is not the only shenanigans going on in Colorado. Ballots have been tampered with, leaving off Trump delegates. The picture below shows a ballot with number “378” appearing twice, and there is no number “379.” Number “379” is a Trump delegate, as reported by Team Trump members at the Colorado caucus. We reached out to Colorado Douglas County GOP Chairman Tanne Blackburn, but they failed to return our call for comment.

Last summer, the Colorado GOP changed the way they operate. According to a source who is close to the Colorado GOP, it’s a rigged system, where only GOP insiders pick the delegates, thus thwarting the will of the voters in Colorado. Now, all 34 delegates have been awarded to Cruz in Colorado, in a state where no one has voted. This was all done by fraud, and the backlash is just beginning.

Trump delegate fraud is not limited to Colorado. Gateway Pundit received video of similar corruption taking place in Missouri. Social media is on fire, sharing the posts of the caucus frauds going on in many states.

The GOP establishment is in full force to stop Donald Trump. They are conducting a shadow campaign to thwart Trump’s chances of winning 1237 delegates, which would make him the nominee.

The plan is to make this a contested convention, where their insider delegates will fraudulently make sure that Ted Cruz is the nominee, or possibly Kasich. Cruz is the likely patsy as he is in second place and it would not seem so corrupt in American’s eyes. This isn’t about Trump, this is about our democracy and those that are taking away your voice and your vote.

Word is getting out, and a revolt is taking place. As more people become aware of this blatant fraud of the American people, the major news outlets will have to confront this story. We will continue to follow the developments, and this story needs sharing with as many people as possible. We must unite against the biggest voter fraud in our lifetimes.

Source: Mad World News

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