The Bush bashing continues, and this time it’s not President Obama doing the bashing but none other than “The Donald” himself, and the question that should be asked is “why”?

And of course the answer is very simple, it’s not George that’s really in Donald’s crosshairs, but rather younger sibling Jeb.

George is simply the bait, and so when “The Donald” once again doubled down on CNN on his 9/11 comments, about the former president’s role in the attack, the fish he wanted to catch and did was the former governor himself Jeb Bush.

If anything Trump is a master at creating controversy, and of course he knows history and the true facts surrounding the events of 9/11. In that no one could have foreseen what was about to come, and Bush did indeed keep America safe after the attack, and changed how the intelligence community gathered and disseminated classified information.

However Trump in an interview pointed out that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks happened under the George W. Bush presidency, which he said refutes his younger brother’s claim the country was kept safe under George W. Bush’s watch, and of course Trump is factually correct, in that the attacks took place while George Bush was president, similar to that of then President Roosevelt, and the attack at Pearl Harbor, and if Jeb was smart he would have simply ignored the bait.

Trump doubled down on that claim on CNN and claimed they knew the 9/11 attacks were coming and “didn’t really work on it.”

Watch the entire interview below: (comments on 9/11 start at the 4:24 mark in interview)

Source: Breitbart


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