Americans have always retained their Right for a peaceful protest in the United States. What is happening in this video isn't a peaceful protest in any way, shape or form.

First off, a big applause here is in order for Harold Watson 'Trey' Gowdy III, a US Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district. His calm appeal to the authorities to remove the protestors was properly done. There wasn't any anger, fear or hostility.

During these hearings, there are rules of engagement for use of the floor, which is to assign a speaker the allotted time to make their case, and the wishes of their constituents known to the governing body. To stand up and start complaining without being recognized is highly insulting to the very nation those nimrods sneaked into in the first place.

There is a legal process to becoming a US Citizen. Any person, regardless of race, religion or all other issues that tend to divide a society, makes their first act in our country an illegal one by breaking the law, isn't welcome.  What is there to not understand about that?

Let us take a moment to analyze what would have happened if this was in reverse. Here in America, Trey Gowdy asked for the protestors to be removed. That was it. Once it was done and the disruptors were standing outside, they continued with their important business of running the government for the Americans who voted them into office.

If this had been Mexico, the authorities would have arrested the illegal immigrants. You see, being caught in Mexico as a foreign national without papers has a mandatory sentence. Two years of service in a hard labor prison camp. After those two grueling years, if you survive that is, then that foreign national is deported. There are no second offenses in Mexico in this manner, because the second offense is a mandatory ten years of service in the hard labor prison camp.

As Trey Gowdy knows, this is America. We're not that barbaric. We're supposed to just ship them home, even though the current administration doesn't allow that to happen anymore. So the next time you hear an illegal immigrant go off about America, kindly remind them how it would be if the tables were reversed. That if years of service in a hard labor prison camp is good enough for Mexican nationals to accept at home, then it may end up being good enough for American nationals to accept for illegals on US soil. Especially if illegal immigrants keep complaining too much about all the free food, education, healthcare and transportation they receive on a yearly basis, with no end in sight.

Ah, one can only hope!


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