Cross-dressing, trans-genderism, whatever you want to call it is a mental illness. There said it, and won’t take it back, won’t apologize, won’t do anything but double-down on it.

In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMD), the go-to Bible of all things mental illness, concurs. The desire to live your life opposite your DNA gender is termed “gender dysphoria” or Gender Identity DISORDER. In other words, this is not normal.

No matter how much the “T” in the alphabet of sexual preference wants their mental illness mainstreamed it never will be. It will always be labeled a mental disorder.

That said, the National center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), found that 81.4% of those with a gender identity disorder have personality disorders to go along with it. Yay! More mental illness! It would seem that narcissistic disorder tops the list at 57.1%.

So, the rest of planet Earth is correct in our thinking that those folks who want grown men to be able to whip out their self-loathed outties in front of a little girl in a bathroom are not off their rocker.

It is the other way around in that it is the potty-obsessed trans who is one bubble off of plumb. Imagine that.

People affected with the narcissistic disorder have inflated egos, obsessions of power, believe themselves to be special, want special treatment, and they have no problem crushing those who get in their way. Even a child.

Wow. This sounds like Alexis Adams! The he/she who claimed she was mistreated and “outed” and “humiliated beyond belief” in front of “stunned” bystanders when she was physically escorted out of the Durham Transit Center.

The only problem was, it never happened. A little narcissism for ya’ from a mentally disturbed man with gender identity disorder. When confronted with his lie, he said “you had to be there to witness it.” That’s his/her story and he/she is sticking to it.

This is a clown circus. In fact it is a Pogo the Clown circus.

Source: Mad World News


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