The Party of Compassion that gave us Obamacare has vowed that every Republican who voted Thursday to repeal and replace the so-called Affordable Care Act will be held "accountable."

The bill made it through the House of Representatives by a scalpel-thin margin of 214-213.

Paul Waldman, writing in the Washington Post, denounced the vote and the Republican-inspired bill as an "abomination" -- an "act of monstrous cruelty" which proves Republican "malice and indifference to human suffering."

Waldman's liberal hyperbole ignores the monstrous cruelty that was the Affordable Care Act of former president Barack Obama.

You remember Barry's solemn promise that under Obamacare, "you can keep your doctor." Even better, healthcare will be more affordable than ever.

And if you don't want health care, then get ready to pay a penalty (health-care tax) to the government.

Five years later, the cost of Obamacare has kept skyrocketing and hasn't looked back.

Because of the ACA companies have continued to scale back on their labor force, replacing full-time jobs with part-time work without benefits.

Meanwhile, outrageous Obamacare deductibles have made access to health care even more costly and problematic for low-income people as state health-care exchanges have grown insolvent, unable to generate sufficient revenue.

To put it another way, you can't rob someone who has no money to steal.

Obamacare is so wonderful, in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in Congress who will sign up for it. Critics say Trumpcare is almost as bad and that health care is best left to the competitive private sector.

From sea to shining sea we hear the shrieks and moans of Democrats who self-righteously blame Republicans for "rushing" the health-care reform bill through the House.

In the immortal words of Nancy Pelosi (D-California) on ACA legislation back in 2010: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what's in it."

They did, eventually, and health care has never been better. Thank you, Barack Obama.

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Source: Washington Post


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