It's hard to believe there are sick people in the world who will pretend to be veterans either to impress others or to obtain government benefits they have neither earned nor deserve.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has just made it harder for these sickos and bloodsuckers to rob genuine veterans of their honor and valor -- and the benefits that are due them for their blood and sacrifice.

Wolf signed the bill on Tuesday. The law prohibits the “fraudulent representation of military service or military decorations to obtain money, property, or other benefits” by making it a crime.

“This new law makes it a crime to impersonate a soldier, a veteran of the armed services, or a recipient of a service medal or decoration in order to gain access to benefits, resources, or job opportunities that we set aside specifically for those who have heroically served our country,” Wolf said.

“This legislation is incredibly important because Pennsylvania has the fourth largest veteran population in the country and it is our duty to be certain that benefits for those veterans are available to those who have earned them," the governor added.


Pennsylvania has the fourth largest veteran population in the U.S. with 906,384 veterans, according to Veterans Data Central. The majority of the Keystone State's veterans -- 34.5 percent -- are Vietnam veterans.

In 2006, former President George W. Bush signed into law the Stolen Valor Act that criminalized the false wearing or display of military decorations and medals. The law was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012 as an "unconstitutional" infringement on freedom of speech.

Stolen valor is theft in its most egregious form. It diminishes the true accomplishments and the sacrifices of genuine veterans who "walked the walk."

The new law in Pennsylvania recognizes this fact and makes sure that all servicemen and women will receive the benefits that are owed them.

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Source: Fox 29



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