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Oscar-award winning actor Tom Hanks was on CBS News this week discussing everything from his new movie, A Hologram for the King, to meeting the queen to the 2016 Presidential race.

Tom Hanks has repeatedly donated money to the Hillary Clinton campaign, however he seems to be pretty cool with a possible President Donald J. Trump.

Two of the CBS News hosts tried to put words in Tom Hank’s mouth with regards to the presidential race during the interview. However, he said that the United States would “be fine” and that the United States is “the greatest” country in the world.

After getting tired of the hosts putting words in his mouth, Tom Hanks tried to settle everything down by saying, “Look, America’s going to be fine. We’re the greatest, most resilient nation in the history of, of civilized, in all of civilization. We’ve worked ourselves out of holes many, many times over.

I have no powers of clairvoyants like you geniuses in the news media. I’m not saying [Trump is] going to be President of the United States.

What I’m saying is we are going to have the most hilarious September, October and first week of November in a very long time. And you people are going to be exhausted.”

Do you agree with Tom Hanks that the country will be A-OK with Trump as president?

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