This reporter thought the she was going for a completely normal day in the field, but the events that unfolded would make this day anything but ordinary. Luckily the whole thing was caught on video.

While Iris Delgado, Philadelphia reporter for Telemundo 62 was in the field doing a report she was greeted by a local who can only be described as "ghetto trash" with with a "Welcome to Philly" and an extra special "welcome gift" that left this roperter shocked and muttering the words "Oh my God."

As the video shows, a woman approached Delgado and rudely interrupted her towards the end of the video.

She is heard yelling "Excuse me. Excuse me." at Delgado, but what she does next is completely shocking.

Delgado did as she was supposed to and continued to do her job, reporting the news without entertaining the hecklers obnoxious remarks.

This must have made the heckler angry and caused her to change tones really fast. Her interruptions switched from a verbal nuisance to full on assault.


The thugette is seen slapping the reporter in the back of the head before landing a forceful punch to her face, just before cameras switched back to the news anchor.

This unprovoked assault shocked more than just the reporter. Even the news anchor was heard uttering the phrase "Dios Mio" which translates to "Oh my God."

As of now there is no information available as to the state of the reporter or whether police were able to apprehend the aggressor. However, new anchor Ramon Zayas did comment to the audience, “Unfortunately, a person just hit one of our reporters. We will be reporting on their situation.”

It is a true shame that ghetto trash like this exists around our country and we can only hope that the good men and women in blue are able to apprehend the perp and help clean up the streets.

Source: Mad World News

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