This thug had plans to come into a shop and take anything he wanted.

He thought that just because he had a gun he was the big man in charge.

Too bad this gave him a little too much confidence. His life was about to change in a huge way.

The man is seen bossing around three people in the store brandishing a revolver in each of their faces.

They give the man phones and wallet. Then everything changes.

The would-be-robber tries sending the three men into the other room but he got a little too close to one bad***.

The bad*** grabs the gun and wrestles with the man for a second. He is able to get the gun away from the thug.

After the thug loses his gun and all his power he runs like a coward for the exit.

Too bad for him this bad*** wasn't done yet. He takes the thugs gun and fires at least 3 shots directly at the thug.

This probably wouldn't have gone on this long if these patrons had had guns of their own.

But of course Obama doesn't want anyone to be able to protect themselves.

Well here's a little news for Obama not everyone is as tough as this guys and not everyone will be so lucky.

Source: LiveLeak



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